The Chocolate Room, Margao, Goa

Everyone needs a pick-me-up now and then. For us, this was between shopping and making the long drive home. The promise of a hot drink and a snack was too delicious to pass up and we end up at The Chocolate Room in Margao.

The Chocolate Room is tiny but mighty. A small counter is fitted to the left of stairs that lead up to a cozy mezzanine floor. The counter is interesting. It has rows of cute looking chocolates. Tempting for sure.

The top floor is small but well-appointed, with two corner couches and a few comfortable tables and chairs. The walls are interesting and mounted with frames bearing quirky messages. The room is pretty enough to hang out in and the ambience is sedate and cheerful all at once.

And then, the menu. A list of all things chocolate, it’s difficult to make a choice. We opt for cuddlecups of hot chocolate with marshmallows and cheese nachos.

Service was prompt and chipper and it’s only a minute before the nachos arrive. Served with spicy salsa, they are a whoosh of cheese, veggies and crunchy flavour. My companion makes merry while I implore him not to drench the nachos with salsa.

The hot chocolate with marshmallows is all that we expected it to be. It looked so pretty in its branded mug, that I almost don’t want to sip and break the spell. Dark and fluffy, it seemed like it would be heavy and cloying. But, it is lightness itself. Warm and welcoming after a tiring day.

We’re the only ones here at this moment, possibly because the Covid fairy still looms. We take our time, clicking photos, reading the literature on the walls and generally goofing around.

The Chocolate Room is a good pit-stop in between breakfast and lunch or lunch and dinner. Unless, you want to make a meal out of chocolate. In that case, drop in anytime. Nobody will judge you.

We finally leave smelling of chocolate, cheese and bliss. I’ll take my sweet moments where I can get them. And my sugar rush right up until dinnertime.

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