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Leda Balcao, Benaulim, Goa

Delicious flavours overlooking fields of green.

Johncy Bar & Restaurant, Benaulim, Goa

Less Fuss. No Frills. Seaside dining with the soundtrack of gentle waves.

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Leda Balcao, Goa Review

View from Leda Balcao, Benaulim, Goa

You find your way into a lane leading off Colva Beach, drive up a road flanked by green fields, and park by a seemingly long living room, overlooking carpets of green. A hinterland meal fantasy come true. 

At first glance, Leda Balcao looks like a typical Goan heritage home converted into a restaurant. All scarred dark wood furniture with an open side, through which you spot the odd cow grazing. 

On second glance, the room is as handsomely attractive as a furniture store, with a glorious bar, soft natural light and artistically placed mirrors that make the room stretch on forever and ever. Amen.  Then there’s the ambience. Leda Balcao doesn’t buzz. It settles into you like a warm comforter on a rainy day. 

Once we found our table, it was time for some starters and drinks. Peri Peri Prawns and Chicken Cafreal Bruschetta seemed like the perfect start for a snack-sip-chat dynamic. The Bruschetta came first. Apart from its immaculate presentation, the taste and crunch punched out flavour after flavour, turning the mundane into magnificent. 

Peri Peri Prawns were next. A genteel marriage of the local catch, and grilling technique, these pinky orange pieces had an aftertaste that could go on for hours. 

The Sangria we ordered was a perfect foil to the prawns and just as potent. The Old Fashioned wasn’t listed on the menu, but was served up on request.  

The menu itself is quite vast, listing practically everything from Desi specialities to Goan favourites. Can’t stop gushing about the Appams. They were everything we wanted them to be, and more. Soft, crisp and simply melt-in-the-mouth.   

The last thing we tasted was the Serra Durra. It was served in a dainty cup and taste-wise was super delicious.  

There was much we didn’t try. But if these are anything to go by, expect the rest of the menu to be just as amazing.

The service is warm, laid-back and gracious. In the best way. The staff, from the boy at the entrance  to the manager and stewards, flow in graceful unhurried waves. Always there, but never hovering. 

There is a calm rhythm to Leda Balcao that pleases both the eye and the palate. As good vibrations go, this place definitely checks the boxes. Not to forget, the quaint Balcao at the entrance that makes for a good photo op. 

Leda Balcao is the epitome of what dining in Goa should be like these days : sublime, semi-commercial but still possessing heart. And unashamedly relaxed, in all manner of things! 

Johncy Bar & Restaurant, Benaulim

Seaside. That’s what stays in your memory after lunch at Johncy  Bar & Restaurant, Benaulim. Lots of seaside. It’s not just the delectable view of foamy waves, but the way the sand stretches out peacefully, for as far as you can see. 

Good food only gets you so far. The rest is down to the cheery chatter and clatter of dining out.

Mood.Pulse. Ambience. Call it what you want. It’s the one thing most likely to bring us back to eating out and it’s the thing we’ve missed most in lockdown. 

At home our world is tiny. Inside restaurants, our world is big, however small the space. But Johncy  is decently sized and well-spaced out. At least for the times we live in. 

Johncy Bar & Restaurant rests easily on Benaulim Beach, an area where I’ve not eaten in any meaningful sense for the last three months. 

We browse roughshod through the menus, while the venerable waiting staff sprays sanitiser on the chairs, tables and even the menus. 

We take our seats amidst couples and families that have dared to step out in these challenging times. To make things more interesting, a cute puppy kept ambling over for scraps. That’s the thing with beachside restaurants. All ages and species must play nicely together. Even the crows who made a cameo appearance :). Oh, please please don’t perch on our table. Yes, fly away as far as you can. Oh phew, there’s the waiter! And lunch! 

A Rawa fried prawns to share, sits on a plate looking easy enough to negotiate. While not excellent, the dish was good and moderately well presented. All restaurants have mastered the art of using rawa and it has now become a happy thing to do to almost any ingredient. 

The marinade used for the prawns was well-seasoned. For the rest of the week my breath will enter rooms before the rest of me. And it was so worth it!

The Chicken Xacuti was the next contender. We did not expect this to be so laboured over, but we were pleasantly surprised. Definitely seemed like a fair amount of sweat and tears were poured into its creation and provenance. My dining companion claims that it’s certainly the most delicious Xacuti she has tasted. No, that’s not something I expected her to say. Ever!

Elsewhere, there’s Prawn Curry Rice, something I’ve been dying to devour for ages. The curry, swimming with prawns was okayish but nothing to rave about. And the rice..was well, just rice! For better or worse. 

Our tryst with food ended with the Creme Caramel Pudding,  a wonderful sweet layer of sugary caramel custard, plated with a ribbon of coffee sauce around the rim. And then we stopped. Because we are good people who care about our bodies. 

Overall the food was edible, pleasing, at times delicious and certainly served with care and patience. No fuss, little frills. The whole experience was underscored by the soundtrack of softly crashing waves. 

Johncy Bar & Restaurant has oceans of promise. It is not a place pinned down by formality. That’s what works in its favour. In some ways, it anchors quite properly in the category of a family beachside restaurant. Totally random. But definitely welcome!

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