3 Popular Fiction Books of All Time

The Covid-19 pandemic has left us with fewer working hours and plenty of time at our disposal. So, if you’ve been planning to read more, there’s no time like the present to grab a book and get started. But where do you begin? There are so many books being published daily and it’s hard to make a choice. Why not take the plunge with the most popular fiction books of all time?

#1 Don Quixote

With sales of more than 500 million copies, Don Quixote is undoubtedly the best-selling book of all time. The Spanish novel written by Miguel de Cervantes, was initially published in 1612. Originally viewed as a parody of chivalric romances, the story follows the life of the noble hidalgo named Alonso Quixano. He reads so many chivalric romances, that he attempts to revive chivalry by forming an alter-ego called Don Quixote. The story details his expeditions as he takes up lance and sword to serve the helpless across the country. Don Quixote is touted to be “the first modern novel”, and is universally known as the best literary work ever written. 

# 2 A Tale of Two Cities

A Tale of two cities by Charles Dickens tackles the topics of revolution, duality and aristocracy. Set in sprawling London and revolutionary Paris, before and during the French revolution, it is the story of the plight of the peasants in France, weakened by the French aristocracy in the years leading up to the revolution. With scenes of large-scale mob violence displayed by the revolutionaries against the aristocrats, and unsavoury social parallels with life in London, the book enumerates the eighteen year imprisonment of French Doctor, Manette, in a Bastille prison, Paris; and ultimately his release when he goes to live with his daughter Lucie in London. Selling an astounding 200 million copies, A Tale of Two Cities is believed to be Charles Dickens best known work of historical fiction.

# 3 The Lord of the Rings

Filled with philology and folklore, Tolkien’s epic fantasy novel was initially published in three parts : The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers and The Return of the King.  The books details the story of a group of heroes who set forth to save the Middle-Earth from evil. The future of the earth depends on the One Ring, which was lost for centuries. Destiny has put it in the hands of a Hobbit named Frodo. Evil forces are in search of the ring but a harrowing task lies ahead for Frodo, who becomes the “Ringbearer” and has to destroy the One Ring, where it was forged- in the fires of Mount Doom. These novels were considered to be the trail-blazers in the high fantasy genre and have sold more than 150 million copies worldwide.

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