3 Thriller Books to read in 2020

Sometimes you want to escape into a romantic novel and at others, you want to lose yourself in an edge-of-the-seat thriller or whodunit. I love reading psychological thrillers, where complicated characters, altering perspectives and high drama plots keep you riveted until the end. Fortunately, there are so many thriller books making their way onto theContinue reading “3 Thriller Books to read in 2020”

Comparison of The Alchemist and The Secret

Those who have read both books may argue that they are very different in terms of writing style, premise and tenets. Yet, after reading them I did feel there was a common thread of thought. Let’s take a look at the summaries. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho The book follows the story of Santiago, aContinue reading “Comparison of The Alchemist and The Secret”