Will Don Draper fit in a modern ad agency?

Don Draper, the classy and dapper ad man from the popular TV series Mad Men, may have been a legend in his day, but he would have a hard time fitting into the structure of a contemporary advertising firm.

For one thing, Don Draper was well-known for his continuous chain smoking, but nowadays, smoking inside is strictly prohibited. He would have to go outside and wait like everyone else on the sidewalk. Imagine Don Draper walking down the street, smoking, and appearing as calm as a cucumber, while passerbys glare at him with annoyance.

Second, although Don Draper was a master of print and television advertisements, he would struggle to adjust to social media. Twitter? Instagram? TikTok? These ideas are alien to him. Would he be able to think of a hashtag or a trending meme?

Don Draper always wore a suit and shirt and looked impeccable. However, the dress code at advertising companies has become more lax in recent years. Imagine that Don wears a three-piece suit to work while his coworkers are sporting hoodies and trainers.

Collaboration is essential in the contemporary advertising firm. Don Draper had a reputation for working by himself, locking himself in his office, and only leaving when he had an excellent idea. He would presumably struggle to adapt to the team-oriented environment of the modern advertising industry.

Data is king in the realm of advertising today. Analytics and metrics are used by advertisers to monitor the effectiveness of their campaigns and make rational choices. Don Draper was more of a “gut feeling” type of person who relied on his ingenuity and intuition to generate ideas.

In order to grab people’s attention, today’s marketers constantly push the envelope, creating unique and unconventional campaigns. Even though Don Draper was an expert at creating print and television advertisements, could he come up with a viral marketing campaign or guerilla marketing strategy?

Artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, and other cutting-edge technologies are used to create immersive and interactive campaigns, placing technology at the vanguard of contemporary advertising. Although Don Draper was undoubtedly a creative genius, he would probably find it difficult to manage the sophisticated world of technology.

In conclusion, while Don Draper may have been a legend in his time, he would definitely struggle to fit into a modern advertising agency setup. But hey, we can still appreciate his impeccable style and smooth talking ways!

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