La la Land : A Romantic movie for the Unromantic

What does romance mean to you? Is it a relationship that comes full circle, closes the loop and ends up as a happily-ever-after? Is it unrequited love? Is it an affair where love never ends, but lives on even after the relationship has ended? If you’re sick of the regular romantic movies, where a happyContinue reading “La la Land : A Romantic movie for the Unromantic”

Comparison of The Alchemist and The Secret

Those who have read both books may argue that they are very different in terms of writing style, premise and tenets. Yet, after reading them I did feel there was a common thread of thought. Let’s take a look at the summaries. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho The book follows the story of Santiago, aContinue reading “Comparison of The Alchemist and The Secret”

3 Must-Watch Movies about Advertising and Marketing

Usually when you begin working in a particular industry, you want to know everything about it. Therefore, watching movies about it is certainly relatable. In my case, it was just the reverse. Ever since I began working in advertising, I wanted to dissociate from anything related to it in my off-hours; most especially watching moviesContinue reading “3 Must-Watch Movies about Advertising and Marketing”

3 Popular Fiction Books of All Time

The Covid-19 pandemic has left us with fewer working hours and plenty of time at our disposal. So, if you’ve been planning to read more, there’s no time like the present to grab a book and get started. But where do you begin? There are so many books being published daily and it’s hard toContinue reading “3 Popular Fiction Books of All Time”

Reading between the Advertising Brief

In advertising, most briefs serve one purpose only : saving skin when you-know-what hits the ceiling. Most creatives will not begin work without access to a brief. And most account managers will create briefs with ambiguous words that cover everything, yet could mean anything. God forbid, if the campaign fails, nobody can lay blame onContinue reading “Reading between the Advertising Brief”

3 Best Cook Books to Read in 2020

I enjoy reading books on food and cooking for two reasons. One, it’s a surefire way to whet my appetite to try out new flavours and cuisines. Two, writing a book on food or cooking isn’t as easy as it seems. So, when I come across a book with beautiful words unfolding on the page,Continue reading “3 Best Cook Books to Read in 2020”

3 best Advertising Books to read in 2020

When you’re part of the advertising fraternity, inevitably you’ll want to either enhance your knowledge or expand your perspective. Fortunately, there are some outstanding books written by phenomenal advertising veterans that you can get your hands on. Whether you need to hone your skills or start from scratch, here are some books that will helpContinue reading “3 best Advertising Books to read in 2020”

Why Advertising is not only about Advertising

Though I’ve found it hard to put into practice myself, I’ve always believed that a life of transformation is better than a life of comfort and constancy. For the same reason, I admire those who can multi-task, those who have led a life of variety, as opposed to those who have remained single-minded and focussedContinue reading “Why Advertising is not only about Advertising”

Life Lessons from Virginia Woolf’s “To the Lighthouse”

To the Lighthouse is one of the most prolific books written by Virginia Woolf and its premise and musings are somehow more relevant in the uncertain times we live in currently. The story begins with a family – the Ramsays – and is focussed on a summer spent on the Isle of Skye. It revolvesContinue reading “Life Lessons from Virginia Woolf’s “To the Lighthouse””

The Long and Short of Copy

How often have we heard that when it comes to copy in advertising , LESS is MORE? Well, more or less. Don’t you hear it all the time? There is a copywriting anthem, “The more you tell, the more you sell.” Does anyone read those long ads that seem to go on for days? BobContinue reading “The Long and Short of Copy”