3 best Self Help books to read in 2020

“Reading is dreaming with open eyes,” quoted Anissa Trisdianty. At some point in our lives, we get stuck in the chatter and clatter of everyday living. But, once you get off the crazy train and really begin to examine your life, you find that you’ve been running on this treadmill called life – going faster andContinue reading “3 best Self Help books to read in 2020”

Dark- Season 3 Review

The Summary  Dark, set against the backdrop of the German town of Winden is about a few children, their families and the extraordinary events that transform their lives. As the seasons progress, you get to know the characters better as dark secrets about their lives begin to emerge.  After a child vanishes, the inhabitants ofContinue reading “Dark- Season 3 Review”

The Animal Farm and Advertising

This topic may seem a little strange. What does George Orwell’s Animal Farm have to do with Advertising? To truly comprehend this, first let’s revisit the Animal Farm with a short summary and a re-introduction to its characters. Summary of the Animal Farm The Animal Farm is an essay about farm animals who take controlContinue reading “The Animal Farm and Advertising”

The Sinner- Season 3- Review

The Summary As the third season of The Sinner unravels, we meet Jamie Burns (Matt Bomer) a college professor and his wife Leela (Parisa Fitz-Henley). Leela is pregnant and is a few days away from giving birth to their first child.  One evening, Jamie’s old college friend, Nick Haas (Chris Messina) comes uninvited to hisContinue reading “The Sinner- Season 3- Review”

Top 10 Quotes on Advertising

To fill a glass, you must empty it first. The equivalent applies to advertising. Sometimes, you must unlearn the new, in favour of the old.  Everyone enters advertising with enthusiasm and passion. But once you’ve been put through the ringer, passion takes a backseat and enthusiasm dissolves into a puddle.  Fortunately, when it comes toContinue reading “Top 10 Quotes on Advertising”

Little Women – Movie Review

The Summary Little Women revolves around four young women, their doting mother, their committed house help, a generous neighbour and an attractive rich young man. In the beginning, Little Women appears to be a story about do-gooders.  While it stays true to Louisa May Alcott’s classic released during the 1860s, the scriptwriter Gerwig, gets toContinue reading “Little Women – Movie Review”